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Growth with Resilience: Opportunities in African Agriculture The Montpellier Panel Report 03/2012
ICT in Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment for your information - Where we are? Where we will go?
Mildorf, T.
Charvat, K. Jr (eds.)
Informal stakeholder consultation - Rome, Dec 2011 Tropical Agricultural Platform 12/2011 TAP Summary report.pdf
Making ARD more "pro-poor"; improving the accessibility and relevance of ARD results to the poorest EIARD 11/2011 Pro poor policy brief final.pdf
Modes of sustainable delivery - Documentation of the Symposium on Rural Advisory Services Stephan Krall & al. 03/2013 Documentation Symposium Rural Advisory Services.pdf
One finger cannot lift a rock. Facilitating innovation platforms to trigger institutional change in West Africa
Suzanne Nederlof
Rhiannon Pyburn, eds
09/2012 One finger cannot lift a rock.pdf
Policy Brief on Building on local dynamics: 5 policy recommendations for enhancing innovation by African smallholder farmers. JOLISAA 11/2013 JOLISAA_policybrief_English_DINA4.pdf, JOLISAA_policybrief_French_DINA4.pdf
Presentation of the German Agricultural Research Alliance. Prof. Dr. Hubert Wiggering, Dr. Doris Lange, Thorsten Michaelis 03/2013 German Agricultural Research Alliance_March2013.pdf
Putting citizens at the heart of food system governance IIED 05/2012 Putting citizens at the heart of food system governance.pdf
Report of the Expert Group established to support the further development of an EU international STI cooperation strategy
Dr Sylvia Schwaag Serger
Dr Svend Remoe
12/2012 Strategies for a Changing World.pdf
Summary of the 2009 pre-GCARD 1 European consultation Richards, J.I. & Chartier, O. 10/2009 GCARD Consultation in Europe Final SYNTHESIS.pdf
The State of Food Insecurity in the World FAO 10/2012 The state of food insecurity in the world.pdf
The top 100 questions of importance to the future of global agriculture
Pretty, Jules; ;
Sutherland, William J.; Ashby, Jacqueline...
11/2010 Future of Global Agriculture.pdf
What Next for Agriculture After Durban? J. R. Beddington and al. 11/2011
YPARD 2012 Annual Report YPARD Global Coordination Unit 04/2013 Annual-report2012_YPARD.pdf

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