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Summary of the 2009 pre-GCARD 1 European consultation Richards, J.I. & Chartier, O. 10/2009 GCARD Consultation in Europe Final SYNTHESIS.pdf
The top 100 questions of importance to the future of global agriculture
Pretty, Jules; ;
Sutherland, William J.; Ashby, Jacqueline...
11/2010 Future of Global Agriculture.pdf
Farming's climate-smart future: Placing agriculture at the heart of climate change policy. Charlie Pye-Smith 01/2011 Farmings_climate-smart_future.pdf
Doubling food production to feed the 9 billion: A critical perspective on a key Isobel Tomlinson 09/2011 Critical perspective on need to double food production.pdf
G20 Conference on ARD: Promoting Scientific Partnerships for Food Security 09/2011 Concept Paper G20 conference on ARD.pdf
Factoring Youth Voices to address Critical Challenges YPARD 10/2011 Science_forum2011_report-ypardians.pdf
What Next for Agriculture After Durban? J. R. Beddington and al. 11/2011
Making ARD more "pro-poor"; improving the accessibility and relevance of ARD results to the poorest EIARD 11/2011 Pro poor policy brief final.pdf
CAADP Ouagadougou 2011 Conference CAADP 11/2011 Communique CAADP Sensitization Conference for Rectors- English.pdf
Informal stakeholder consultation - Rome, Dec 2011 Tropical Agricultural Platform 12/2011 TAP Summary report.pdf
Capacity development for Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) EIARD 01/2012 Capacity development Policy brief.pdf
Climate-Smart Agriculture: Possible Roles of Agricultural Universities in a Strengthened Norwegian Climate Change Engagement in Africa Gry Synnevag & Jayne Lambrou 02/2012 Noragric Report 64.pdf
Growth with Resilience: Opportunities in African Agriculture The Montpellier Panel Report 03/2012
Contested Agronomy: Agricultural Research in a Changing World
Jim Sumberg
John Thompson
Agricultural Innovation Systems: An Investment Sourcebook World Bank 04/2012 Agricultural Innovation Systems_An Investment Sourcebook.pdf

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