EFARD Discussion Paper: The European Landscape on Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Security released

With the Sustainable Development Goals now approved, there is a broad consensus on the need to tackle malnutrition and a clear political will from the majority of countries to give explicit attention to nutrition matters5. SDG 2 "End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture" lists the global targets6 to be achieved. Donor countries, international private donors, nongovernmental, para-governmental and civil society organisations, research institutions and think tanks have answered the call and are now integrating nutrition in their programming. In view of this renewed emphasis on nutrition and on sustainable food systems more generally, the present discussion paper by EFARD, the European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development, aims to map European research initiatives on food and nutrition security by 1) highlighting the organisations and countries involved, the beneficiaries, and the programmes and interventions planned, and 2) assessing the initiatives' contributions and reach 
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