The Global Young Academy opened the call for new members

The Global Young Academy opened the call for new members:
Members are elected for five year terms, after which they will move to alumni status. All members are expected to actively contribute to the organization’s goals and activities. They may participate in international science policy development, promote the establishment of national young academies (NYA) and coordinate their cooperation and exchange, support science education at the international level and the young scientist ambassador program. GYA members communicate virtually throughout the year and meet their colleagues from all over the world at least once a year in person at the Annual General Meeting (e.g. 2012 in South Africa, 2013 in Germany, 2014 in Chile, 2015 in Canada). Other occasions to meet and cooperate with colleagues across borders, cultures and disciplines on topics of utmost relevance to young scientists are international meetings, workshops and conferences organized by the GYA Working Groups, for which GYA supports fundraising.
Excellence: Applicants must be able to demonstrate a high level of excellence in their discipline.
Impact: The Global Young Academy is committed to a broad range of programs around the world to support young scholars, promote science to a broad audience, engage in policy debate, and foster international and interdisciplinary collaboration. Applicants should provide evidence of interest or experience in one or more of these areas.


Age/career point: Applicants should be in the early years of their independent careers. The majority of the GYA’s members are aged 30-40 and the typical period from completion of a PhD or similar degree is 3-10 years. Applicants falling significantly outside these ranges may be considered under exceptional circumstances.

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